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The Hip Hop Junkeez

The Hip Hop Junkees are a collective group of hip hop music enthusiasts that Break The Records of independent hip hop artist from around the globe. The Hip Hop Junkeez are Sammy Syd Vicious, Dj Unt-Ungh, B-Boy Dre’, The Urban Legend J-Quest, Lady Tee, Dj Tike and Guy On The Couch. Our soul mission is too continuously introduce indie hip hop artist and music to the world. Power357radio is the home and GrooveGangMusic is the family…

If your an indie hip hop artist, and you know you DOPE…. Submit your music to or

The God Hour is the show…. Tuesday and Thursday 7pm-8pm est. on

You Make It, We Break It… The Hip Hop Junkkez

Hip Hop Junkeez

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